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Distributed ServiceMix Project Now Working

The tutorial app I wrote is now working. There were a few different problems. Firstly, I had removed some information about the secured broker in servicemix.xml and replaced it with a single flow name in a container attribute. I had forgotten about this until I reloaded the config from the distribution. Secondly, I needed to set up multiple static network connectors in activemq.xml, not a single one with multiple I.P. addresses. If put multiple I.P. addresses in a single static() block it will pick one at random and try to connect to it, doing this until it finds a working one then stopping. What is needed is multiple networkConnector elements with a single I.P. address in each static() block. I didn’t initially know how to do this because if I put two in it would give me an error. This leads to the next point. Thirdly, each networkConnector element needs a unique name (within the broker). So I gave them a name attribute corresponding to the ServiceMix instance they were connecting to. Fourthly, messages from the HTTP consumer service unit cannot be delivered to an endpoint on another ServiceMix instance (at least in my experience). I will post this to the mailing list later to see if there is a reason for this. Fifthly, and most importantly, ServiceMix 3.1.2 just plain does not work in my configuration. Upgrading to 3.2.1 fixed this and everything finally works. Well, except for my XSL transformation. They must have upgraded to a newer version of the XSLT processor (or used a different one), because it now ignores the directives I gave it telling it not to put unclosed tags in because it does that now, even in XML output mode. My root element is an so it may be overriding the xsl:ouput element (which it shouldn’t). If the XSL transformation does not output valid XML (which requires all tags to be closed) then ServiceMix cannot pass the HTML back to jetty to display to the user. This is my next task.