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Twitter, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Short Messages

Today I took a bold step, swallowed a chunk of my pride, and signed up for Twitter. I’m not usually a big fan of Social Networking, but Twitter is slightly different. For starters, I don’t think any of my friends are using it. Secondly, There’s no real “profile” like you get from Facebook or others.

I got the idea from Ayende’s blog, kindof. His blog is quite interesting to watch, because it is made up of lots of small updates. It almost seems like more of a note taking system than a blog sometimes, in a good way. For myself, I tend not to write blog posts because they take a little longer than I’m willing to give during the day to write, so Twitter’s 140 character limit could work for me. It’s just a trial anyway, if it doesn’t work out I’ll dump it.

So how I think I’ll work now is: Post short messages to Twitter like reminders, helpful hints, and status updates, and post longer information like information about side projects and interesting topics on my blog.

If anyone wants to follow me on twitter, here’s my page: http://twitter.com/jamiepenney. Be aware that there will be a bit more personal stuff there, my blog so far has just been technical but I’ll probably use Twitter for personal and work messages.