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Strange Visual Studio Lockup After Debugging

I had been having an issue with VS 2008 on Windows 7 x64 today. After debugging an application the whole IDE would lock up, minimise itself, then bring itself back to the foreground. This was pretty disruptive and I was getting quite irritated with it, but I could not find any mention of it through Google.

I did happen to stumble upon a StackOverflow question (here) where a different problem was outlined, however this answer reminded me of an issue Scott Hanselman had with an app he was doing a demo with, so I thought I would give it the fix a shot. Strangely enough, I think it has fixed it, although I am not sure why (it seems unrelated). Anyway, here is the fix, just in case anyone else has a similar problem:

Fix: Disable checking of Publisher’s Certificate Revocation

  1. Go to Internet Options in Internet Explorer or Control Panel

  2. Then go the Security Tab, scroll towards the bottom

  3. Uncheck the ‘Check for Publisher’s Certificate Revocation’ checkbox

  4. Click OK.