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Windows 7 Shortcut Keys

I found a great list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7 today here. The best part of this list were the keys for manipulating windows - Windows + Left Arrow will dock the window to the left hand side of the screen, much like if you drag the window to the side of the screen. The right arrow also works like this.

If you have multiple monitors, using the mouse it doesn’t let you dock to the side connected to the other screen. So you can only dock to the far left and far right with the mouse. Not so with the keyboard. Each time you hit the keyboard combo, it will move it to the next dock position in that direction. That means you can have windows docked all over your extended desktop, like so:


I’ve got two windows on each screen (as you can see, the right hand screen has the task bar, so you should be able to see where the screens split).

This is pretty useful at home. Having huge screens is great, being able to have 4 docked windows without fiddling around with the mouse is fantastic.